The Trust confines its work to the north western province of Zambia only. There its work falls broadly into four categories, though there is significant overlap between them. These are:

Infrastructure development

NWZDT believes that while many individual crises can be eased by food and medicine, real progress comes from investment in infrastructure that most in the developed countries take for granted – clean water, electricity, sanitation, and employment. Consequently, the Trust seeks to develop sustainable infrastructure projects that utilise local skills and labour in a manner that provides best value for money.

Business development

NWZDT believes that economic growth and the consequent alleviation of poverty only comes through business development and job creation. The Trust, therefore, actively seeks out enterprising local people to assist and advise in suitable business projects


NWZDT believes that a good education is the basis for maintaining the developed infrastructure and stimulating further growth of business and local enterprises. We therefore seek to stimulate and encourage the local schools and teachers to excel, often by facilitating partnerships with schools overseas, and by so doing to stimulate the pupils to aspire to better and greater things.


NWZDT believes in helping the whole person, physically and spiritually. We believe the love and good news of the Christian Gospel is best demonstrated in care and support for the poor. We therefore, seek to encourage and develop local churches and pastors, often facilitating their training in Christian Training Schools within Zambia.