Zambian School

A good education is the answer to many of the problems of life. This is one of the guiding principles of the Trust. We seek to improve the welfare of people but firmly believe that in the long term, it is only by supporting the local schools and teachers and promoting quality education that the people of north west Zambia will be able to develop and rise out of the classical poverty trap. Also, it is the next generation of local people who will continue to manage and develop infrastructure such as the Zengamina hydro project. To this end we seek to develop partnerships between outward-looking schools and teachers in north western Zambia with their counterparts overseas to their mutual benefit.

In our efforts to achieve this goal the Trust asked Norman Holmes, a deputy head teacher of a large school in England, to visit a number of school in the Kalene area and produce a report for us on how the Trust might proceed. If you wish to read his report it can be downloaded here (it is 865kB).