Powerline development

Present extent and proposed development of the powerline.

Map key: 1-Sahandu, 2-Nynganja, 3-Chinyaji, 4-Sakufola, 5-Mungwayanga, 6-Chapwili, 7-Tambatamba, 8-Musangala, 9-Samahina, 10-Jimbe, 11-Kayipaka, 12-Mukangala, 13-Salujinga, 14-Mwinilamba.

The Zengamina hydro currently supplies a 33kV transmission grid that stretches approximately 35km. This is best appreciated on a map, as illustrated. The present grid is represented in the colour red. Unfortunately this grid does not reach all who wish to be supplied with electricity – to achieve this requires significant grid extensions (as illustrated in the colour blue) and the associated costs, which the Trust is seeking to obtain.

The present power output of the Zengamina hydro is 750kW which is enough at the moment. Experience from other hydros suggests that this will be exhausted by 2015, by which stage the second turbine and penstock will need to be installed. The civil works at Zengamina were built with capacity for this in mind.