Trustees & Board Members

There are nine trustees and board members, all of whom have strong links with Zambia. Three are Zambian nationals, with the remainder having been born in Zambia, are resident in Zambia or have been frequent visitors to the country for years. In alphabetical order they are:

Peter Gill (Trustee) is a retired orthopedic surgeon from the UK and has responsibility for mission in the Trust. Peter was born in Ireland, studied at university there and is currently based in the UK. He is well known at Kalene where for many years he has used his holidays to practice at the hospital. Frustrations with unreliable power led to the vision of realising the nearby hydro site and led to the creation of NWZDT, of which he is past Chairman.

Benjamin Lewis (Board Member) is a Chartered Accountant and Treasurer of NWZDT. Ben was born in and is based in Ireland but has his roots in Zambia where his parents, grandparents and great grandparents lived and worked for most of their lives. He has experience all over the world in accounting, much with charitable organizations.

Gordon McKillop (Board Member) is a Mechanical engineer and is responsible for business enterprise in the Trust. Gordon was born and educated in UK. He trained as a mechanical engineer, and has wide experience in mechanical installations, moving and maintenance of heavy equipment. He also ran a workshop and transportation company, and has experience in UK and Europe. He then moved to Africa as a missionary, initially to the DR Congo though has been based in the Mwinilunga district since 1999.

Bruce Mukwatu (Board Member) is a retired development and international aid specialist with a passion to see Zambia and its people develop their potential, believing that good education is the best means of achieving this.

Humphrey Mulela (Board Member) is an Electrical engineer. He was born at Mpongwe, schooled in the Copperbelt, followed by university in Zambia and is currently a director of Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC).

Charles Rea (Board Member) is a Civil Engineer and the NWZDT hydro developer. Charlie was born and bred in the Mwinilunga district, a 3rd generation Rea. He schooled in Zambia and UK, university in UK, Canada and USA, and has broad consulting engineering experience in the RSA, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Canada and Zambia. He has been the driving force behind the construction of the hydro scheme and is the Developer of the NWZDT.

Daniel Rea (Trustee) is a Civil Engineer. He was the Project Manager of the Zengamina hydro project. He is a Founding member and current Chairman of NWZDT. Daniel was born and bred in Zambia, a 4th generation Rea with roots in the North West Province after his great grandfather (Tom Rea) came out in 1911 as a missionary to work with Dr Walter Fisher. Daniel was educated in Zambia, UK and Canada and has worked in Zambia, UK and Dubai. He spent a year living in a tent beside the Zambezi as civil engineer on the hydro. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, and Chief Executive Officer of Zengamina Power Limited.

Charles Sakanya (Trustee, Chairman) is a Mechanical Engineer. He was born in Ndola, but schooled in Mwinilunga where is parents are from. He studied at university in Zambia and UK, and has experience in Canada and Zambia – where he is engineering superintendent at Mopani Copper Mines, Kitwe. He is Immediate Past President of the Engineering Institution of Zambia, and is also the current Chairman of the Engineering Institution of Zambia. He is also an Elder at Kalulushi Gospel Hall.

Les White (Trustee) is an Electrical engineer. He was born and educated in UK, but came to Zambia early in his career, approximately 40 years ago. He has wide experience in Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) and the Copperbelt Electricity Corporation (CEC) and built Mwinilunga diesel power station and grid in 1966. More recently he is a missionary living in the Mwinilunga district.